Vietnam - Companies

06/08/2023 09:28

In the context of the general market moving sideways, oil and gas stocks have gone against the trend to increase rapidly, which was supported by positive information from billion-dollar domestic oil and gas projects.

Vietnam - Commodity

06/08/2023 09:14

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has extended the deadline for providing a decision following an investigation into how to apply anti-dumping measures to Malaysian, Thai, and Chinese prestressed steel cables.

Vietnam - Real Estate

06/08/2023 09:11

The construction ministry has raised two reasons for the non-disbursement of the credit package of VND120 trillion (US$5.14 billion) launched by the government about two months ago for developing projects to build social houses and houses for ...

Vietnam - Finance

06/08/2023 09:27

Banks expect to rely more on non-interest income sources in the face of the credit expansion slowdown and challenging business environment to see any considerable profit growth this year.

Vietnam - Economy

06/05/2023 08:43

Vietnam may achieve an economic growth of 5.8 percent at least in 2023 and 6.9 percent at most next year, but there remain a lot of challenges to overcome, according to the predictions by many international organizations.

Type Unit Buy Sell
SBJ   USD/oz 2,050 2,120
SBJ  mil.VND/oz 41.75 41.87
Currency Last Bid Ask
VND/USD 21,185 21,165 21,245
LAK/USD 8,030 8,030 8,054
KHR/USD 4,073 4,073 4,087



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