The concept of RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) of Vietstock is a utility for readers. This utility allows readers to identify the content and information they are interested in on and confirm to be able to update news quickly.

You just need to find the RSS icons at the top of page or from the RSS directory next to it. You just need to click to register and start specifying the information you want. Once confirmed, these feeds will automatically update and you can read them in your browser or on your computer.

To read RSS news, you need a news reader. There are many types of news readers, either embedded in the browser or as standalone applications, that must be installed on the computer. The news reader will help you keep track of information content and set up RSS feeds according to your needs.

Once the news reader is ready, you will select the information content to update. For example, if you need the latest stock information, find the RSS button in the Stocks page or the RSS button before Stocks from the list next to it. You then drag/drop this button into your newsreader, or cut/paste the url into the newsreader's add category function.

Some browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, and Safari, have the ability to automatically select RSS feeds for you. If you need more specific information, you can check the information on the homepages of those browsers.

There are many different types of news readers available and their versions are regularly updated. Some news readers only run on a certain operating system, you must consider this when choosing a news reader.

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