CEN: Notice of transactions of Directors, PDMR (Mac Thi Hoa)

- Name of issuer: CENCON Vietnam JSC
- Stock code: CEN
- Securities type: common stock
- Name of person discharging managerial responsibility /Director: Mac Thi Hoa
- Position in the listed company: Member of the BOD, Chief Accountant
- Number of shares held by the shareholder before transaction: 90,000 shares (2.36%)
- Nature of transaction: Order matching & negotiation
- Number of shares to be disposed: 90,000 shares
- Reason for transaction: Address personal financial needs
- Expected Start date of transaction: 04/12/2020
- Expected End date of transaction: 31/12/2020.


CEN 8,600 -1,100 -11.34%

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