SZE: Notice of share repurchase for Treasury stock

  1. Name of issuer: Sonadezi Environment Joint Stock Company
  2. Stock code : SZE
  3. Number of current treasury shares: 0 share
  4. Number of shares to be repurchased: 1,500,000 shares
  5. Purpose: SZE's stock market price is trading at a level lower than its real value, so the company buys back shares to protect the interests of the company and its shareholders.
  6. Expected total number of treasury shares after repurchase: .................... shares
  7. Resource for repurchase: undistributed profit after tax, Fund for development, other funds of equity in Audited Financial Statement
  8. Tender price: According to the regulations in Article 8 of Circular No.203/2015/TT-BTC dated 21 December 2015 of the Ministry of Finance guiding and trading the stock market and other relevant legal documents; Accoding current trading regulations of Hanoi Stock Exchange.
  9. Expected date for repurchase: from 08/12/2020 to 06/11/2021
  10. Trading method:  acquisition through negotiation
  11. Authorized securities company: Royal International Securities Corporation
- Address: 12th Floor, CDC building, No.25 Le Dai Hanh street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi
- Tel: (84-24)3944 6666                       Fax: (84-24) 3944 6969


CDC 16,950 1,100 +6.94%
SZE 14,200 700 +5.19%

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