DKP: Result of share repurchase for Treasury stock

- Name of issuer: Duoc Khoa Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
- Charter capital: 30,039,100,000
- Stock code : DKP
- Par value: VND 10,000/share
- Securities type: Common stock
- Number of treasury shares held by the company before transaction: 11,000 shares
- Number of shares repurchased: 8,000 shares
- Total number of treasury shares following transaction: 19,000 shares
- Reasons for not completing transaction: Due to an agreement according to the minutes of agreement No. 01-19 / BBTT-DK and No. 02-19 / BBTT-DK signed on December 3, 2019, regarding the settlement of preference shares according to the number of years of working commitment of the shareholders between shareholders and TCPH so the number of matched shares does not reach the initial registered number
- Start date of transaction: 02/12/2019
- End date of transaction: 06/01/2020.


DKP 10,000 0 %
VND 13,650 -50 -0.36%

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