KDF: Notice of share repurchase for Treasury stock

- Name of issuer: Kido Frozen Foods Joint Stock Company
- Charter capital: 560,000,000,000
- Stock code : KDF
- Par value: VND10,000/share
- Securities type: Common stock
- Number of treasury shares held by the company before transaction: 0 share
- Number of shares to be repurchased: 2,500,000 shares
- Purpose: stabilizing KDF share price
- Resource for repurchase: retained earnings and other suitable capital
- Tender price: market price, according to the law, but not more than VND40,000/share 
- Expected Start date of transaction: 23/10/2019
- Expected End date of transaction: 21/11/2019
- Trading method: negotiation and order matching
- Authorized securities company: RongViet Securities Corporation


KDF 31,800 600 +1.92%

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