ACE: Result of transaction of connected person (Pham Huynh Anh Thu)

- Name of issuer : An Giang Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock Company
- Stock code: ACE
- Securities type: Common stock
- Name of connected person: Pham Huynh Anh Thu
- Name of person discharging managerial responsibility: Trinh Tan De
- Position in the listed company: Chief accountant; Information disclosure officer; Member of B.O.D
- Relation between connected person and PDMR/Director: WIfe
- Number of shares held by connected person before transaction: 12 shares
- Number of shares registered for acquisition: 10,000 shares
- Number of shares acquired: 10,000 shares
- Total holding following transaction: 10,012 shares
- Total percentage holding following transaction: 0.33%
- Start date of transaction: 11/03/2019
- End date of transaction: 11/03/2019




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