Canada imposes temporary anti-dumping duties on wire products from Việt Nam

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Canada imposes temporary anti-dumping duties on wire products from Việt Nam

The Trade Remedies Authority of Việt Nam (TRAV), under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has been told that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has issued a preliminary conclusion on the investigation of applying anti-dumping measures for wire rod products originating or exported from China, Egypt and Việt Nam.

Illustration photo. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) had issued a preliminary conclusion on the investigation of applying anti-dumping measures for wire rod products originating or exported from China, Egypt and Việt Nam. — Photo

As a result, the temporary anti-dumping duty rate for Vietnamese steel companies is now up from 6.1 per cent to 38.9 per cent, compared to Chinese enterprises, 50.9 per cent - 71.1 per cent and Egypt, 49.7 per cent - 99.8 per cent.

TRAV said that the full details that the CBSA used to make its decision, would be issued within 15 days and posted on the CBSA website, at

The Canada Border Services Agency is continuing the investigation process and is expected to issue a final conclusion on September 4 this year.

The CBSA initiated an investigation on March 8 to apply anti-dumping duties on steel wire products originating or exported from China and Egypt and Việt Nam.

Specifically, the investigation concerns wire rods with HS code: 7213.91.00.42; 7213.91.00.43; 7213.91.00.49; 7213.91.00.50; 7213.91.00.60; 7213.91.00.70; 7213.99.00.11; 7213.99.00.12; 7213.99.00.31; 7213.99.00.32; 7213.99.00.51; 7213.99.00.52; 7227.20.00.20; 7227.20.00.90; 7227.90.00.60; 7227.90.00.70; 7227.90.00.81; 7227.90.00.82; 7227.90.00.83.

The plaintiff is Ivaco Rolling Mills 2004 LP. The CBSA will issue a preliminary finding within 90 days of initiation.

In addition, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) will decide if any damages need to be awarded due to any injury caused to Canada's domestic industry. The conclusion for that is expected within 60 days from the initiation date. In case CITT concludes there is no damage, the case will be terminated.

Based on the Canadian trade investigation, TRAV recommends that businesses register as related parties to receive the investigation questionnaire and information from the Canadian investigation agencies; read the instructions carefully, answer fully and provide information within the prescribed time limit; co-ordinate closely with the TRAV to receive timely support.

Statistics from Trademap show that Việt Nam's export turnover of steel wire products to Canada has increased rapidly in recent years.

Việt Nam exported around US$10 million of steel wire to Canada in 2020. The export turnover of this product more than doubled to $21 million in 2021 and reached about $40 million in 2022. 



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