Workshop highlights Việt Nam's potential for developing circular economy from rice by-products

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Workshop highlights Việt Nam's potential for developing circular economy from rice by-products

How to take advantage of by products left over from rice harvests, were the subject of a special workshop on developing a circular rice production and processing economy.

Delegates attend the workshop in Cần Thơ. — VNA/VNS Photo

The event, held in Cần Thơ City on June 7, brought together policymakers, experts and representatives from international organisations and the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development of 13 Mekong Delta localities, along with businesses.

According to Lê Thanh Tùng, Deputy Director of the MARD’s Department of Crop Production, each year, rice production in the Mekong Delta – Việt Nam’s largest rice store - releases about 24 million tonnes of straw into the environment.

However, only 30 per cent, or 7.4 million tonnes, is collected, while the remainder is burned or buried in fields, causing environmental pollution, increasing methane emissions and other greenhouse gases.

To solve this problem, the circular economy needs to minimise negative impacts on agricultural ecosystems and improve economic efficiency, Tùng said, adding that taking advantage of by-products and waste products from rice production is important to improving the value chain of the region's rice industry.

Rice by-products can become organic fertiliser and fodder, or used for growing mushrooms, creating an ecosystem of high-quality products, he stressed.

Experts said that with an abundant source of by-products from the rice industry, Việt Nam has a great opportunity to develop an agricultural circular economy by increasing the added value of rice by-products, and creating clean and sustainable energy.

However, it is important to have close coordination between stakeholders, from policymakers, scientists, businesses to farmers to successfully build circular economic models from rice production and processing, they noted.

IRRI Director General Yvonne Pinto stressed the importance of issuing policies that benefit farmers as they have an important role in developing circular agriculture.

MARD Deputy Minister Trần Thanh Nam asked VIETRISA to call on businesses that produce seeds, fertilisers and agricultural supplies and rice buyers to join in building a standard circular economy model within the 'One million hectares of high-quality rice' project in the region.

The event was jointly organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the Vietnam Rice Industry Association (VIETRISA) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).



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