VPI: Resolution of General Meeting of Shareholders

Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company announces the Resolution of General Meeting of Shareholders dated June 16, 2021 with the following contents:

1)      Approving the report on the business result in 2020 and business plan in 2021.

2)      Approving the report on the BOD activities in 2020.

3)      Approving the audited the financial statements in 2020.

4)      Approving the selection of the auditor for the financial statements in 2021.

5)      Approving the remuneration of the BOD in 2020 and plan for 2021.

6)      Approving the plan for 2020 profit distribution and plan for 2021.

7)      Approving the stock issuance plan to pay dividend for 2020.

8)      Approving the amendment, supplement of the company’s charter and the Internal Regulation on Corporate.

9)      Approving the establishment of Audit Committee.

10)  Approving the regulation on the BOD activities.

11)  Approving the holding of Annual General Meeting 202 online.

12)  Approving the amendment of the company’s short name and change of business lines:

-          Short name: VANPHU.INVEST





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