Accommodation available in Luang Prabang over New Year

Lao and foreign tourists who plan to visit Luang Prabang for New Year need not be concerned about finding a room as hotels and guesthouses are still not fully booked, a provincial official has said.

Every year, holiday-makers choose this heritage and romantic town to celebrate the New Year, packing into every hotel and guesthouse available.

The winter months are high season in Luang Prabang and the New Year will add to the hordes of people flocking to the area.

But there are still rooms available, including in four- and five-star hotels and budget guesthouses, as was the case last year, Deputy Director of the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Dr Soudaphone Khomthavong, told Vientiane Times yesterday.

The two- and three-star hotels are fully booked, however, because they are frequented by tour groups who made reservations well in advance.

Every year the number of hotels and guesthouses in the province increases, so there is plenty of accommodation for tourists, she added.

Luang Prabang continues to encourage foreign investment in the tourism industry, especially in relation to hotels, restaurants and tour operators.

The province wants to improve service quality and standards in response to the increasing number of tourists, Dr Soudaphone said.

So far, there have been a large number of foreign investors from various countries, especially from Europe, who have invested in restaurants and four- and five-star hotels.

There are now 76 hotels including two 4-star and five 3-star hotels, 317 guesthouses, 286 food shops and restaurants, and 76 travel agencies in the province.

To attract more visitors, the town organises a countdown party each New Year and this year there will be concerts at the night market and a fair on the That Luang esplanade, Dr Soudaphone said.

Luang Prabang has much potential in terms of tourism, which has played a significant role in the development of the province.

According to the provincial Tourism Office, tourist arrivals are forecast to reach 700,000 by 2020, up from 500,000 at present.

Tourists from all over the world visit the town to see the many ancient temples and monasteries.

Other attractions are the Kuang Xi Waterfall, Xae waterfall, Phousy Hill and Buddha Cave, all of which are popular with visitors.

vientiane times

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