Naga Mall at Lao WTC begins to sign tenants

As part of the first stage of the World Trade Centre (WTC) project under the Lao International Development Co., Ltd., Naga Mall recently concluded the signing of an agreement with customers to open for international and local brands.

The signing agreement ceremony was held at the WTC office in the Nongchan area, attended by top-ranking officials of the WTC and invited guests.

However, the authorities said Naga Mall still couldn't report how many brands will be investing there but they are still in the process of welcoming new enquiries.

According to WTC officials, the Naga Mall project is currently under construction and now almost 60 percent complete.

Naga Mall expects to open to shoppers in April 2017, after construction began last year.

The mall will have five floors including one for underground parking, which will be able to accommodate more than 2,000 vehicles.

According to the Domestic Commerce Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Vientiane now has 26 shopping malls, of which nine are open and 17 are under construction.

Five shopping malls are now registered for operation and 12 are yet to be registered.

Officials said the WTC project is also constructing apartments as part of its second phase, which is expected to open for booking in October next year.

The project hopes to become a centre for foreign and domestic investors.

The WTC project is located in the centre of Vientiane+; nearby the city axis Avenue has a concession of 520,000 square metres on the Nongchan area.

An official said the project will comprise an international shopping centre, a commercial street, integrated food and beverage venues, apartments, a high-end business hotel, office buildings, and other facilities.

vientiane times

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