CII424002: Result of transaction in convertible bonds - Cao Thi Ngoc Van

Jul 10th at 17:13
10-07-2024 17:13:53+07:00

CII424002: Result of transaction in convertible bonds - Cao Thi Ngoc Van

- Information on individual conducting the transaction: Cao Thi Ngoc Van
- Current position in the public company: Person in charge of corporate governance and secretary of
Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company
- Stock code: CII424002
- Number of shares held by the shareholder before transaction: 0 shares (0%)
- Number of convertible bonds currently held: 420,000 bonds
- Number of bonds sold: 420,000 bonds
- Transferred value: VND42,000,000,000
- Number of bonds held by the shareholder after transaction: 0 bonds
- Method of transaction: Order matching and/or negotiation
- Start date of transaction: 02/07/2024
- End date of transaction: 04/07/2024



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