OGC: Overcome the status of securities being put under warning

On April 28, 2023, Ocean Group Joint Stock Company announced the measure the measures to overcome the status of securities being put under warning:

1)      Business plan in 2023:

  1. Profit before tax:         191 billion dongs (in 2022: 114 billion dongs)
  2. Profit after tax:            138 billion dongs

The loss after tax with the value of 11.4 billion dongs in quarter 1/2023 was equivalent to 40% of the plan and has not impacted the business result in 2023.

2)      The company has concentrated to invest the core segment of real estate, comprehensively restructure of investment in order to increase the planned profit in 2023 and the business growth in next years as well as reduce the loss in the financial statement.


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