PM asks for solutions on import and export activities

The Prime Minister has called for import and export activities at border gates to be rectified to prevent congestion while any violations must be strictly handled.


This request was raised as there appeared brokers are carrying out administrative procedures for faster customs clearance at border gates.

Due to new COVID-19 pandemic development in the region, vehicles transporting goods must queue for customs clearance, especially at Tan Thanh Border Gate, Lang Son Province and a number of other land border gates in the northern provinces, which caused congestion, disorder and seriously affected economic and social activities as well as production of enterprises.

Taking advantage of this difficulty, many people colluded to provide services for administrative procedures in customs clearance.

The Prime Minister asked heads of relevant ministries and agencies, including the ministries of public security, national defence, finance, industry and trade, foreign affairs, transport, agriculture and rural development and provincial/municipal people’s committees to keep a close watch on the import and export activities to raise measures to prevent congestion and other problems.

Violations must be handled strictly, the Prime Minister said.

The customs departments must review procedures for customs clearance at land border gates for adjustments and strengthen digital transformation to speed up the clearance process. In addition, customs departments must work with China customs to raise solutions to enhance clearance capacity, especially for some seasonal agricultural products.

The relevant ministries must coordinate to ensure the circulation of goods is appropriate with the clearance capacity of border gates.

Inspections would also be enhanced to prevent smuggling and trade fraud. 


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