Dien Quang Lamp signs cooperation agreement with Alphanam E&C

Dien Quang Lamp JSC will be a strategic partner to Alphanam E&C JSC in providing smart lighting products, services and solutions, creating a premise for sustainable development cooperation under an agreement signed on October 4 in Hanoi.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nguyen Tuan Hai, chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphanam E&C said, “I believe that the cooperation relationship between the two companies will create a strong resonance on the basis of exploiting the strengths of resources from both parties."

"Through this cooperation, Dien Quang's smart lighting products and services will soon be available in projects implemented by Alphanam E&C, bringing about works of outstanding quality, not only optimising the user experience but also allowing managers to operate their projects in the most centralised and systematic way. Today's strategic cooperation signing ceremony will also be the foundation to open up more open cooperation opportunities in areas where the two sides have strong advantages,” Hai said.

Ho Quynh Hung, chairman of the Board of Directors of Dien Quang, said that during its operation, the company had become a partner of several large units and corporations such as Schréder, Xelex, Qualcomm, Polytechnic University, FPT Corporation and many others, as well as a member of many organisations and associations.

“These are important links that help Dien Quang constantly expand its relationships and cooperation with many other businesses and implement projects that bring economic and social efficiency. The company consistently considers cooperation and development as a long-term strategy, oriented throughout the production and business activities of the company,” Hung said.

“Both are pioneers of innovation and creativity. Dien Quang hopes that the companionship with Alphanam E&C will create a launch pad for the two businesses to improve their competitive advantage,” Hung said, adding Dien Quang would make every effort to work with Alphanam E&C to create good value for customers and society.

"Dien Quang targets a 'Smart - Safe - Economical - Aesthetic', which not only optimises the user experience but also allows managers to operate the business in a centralised and systematic way. Through that, Dien Quang can upgrade the quality of products and services and gradually affirm the value of the Vietnamese brand in the international market," he added.

Building lighting is extremely important to increase the value of architecture, not only helping to change the project's design and highlighting its own characteristics but also contributing to raising the beauty and performance of a building. Comprehensive intelligent lighting design solutions have integrated into normal life and become an essential trend.

Lighting design must explore aspects such as story, culture, and living style. However, not all units exploit light to enhance the value of the work.

In Vietnam today, the demand for difficult lighting solutions is vast, and it is important to find a professional design unit with experience and thorough understanding to offer the most effective solutions. Capturing the increasing market demand, Dien Quang, a leading enterprise in lighting, electrical equipment and intelligent control, has invested in human resources and brainpower to provide the best lighting solutions for its clients. The company offers flexible and tailored solutions for the unique requirement of every client, construction and project.

Dien Quang's lighting solutions help emphasise the outstanding features and create the identity for the building, stimulating artistic senses and creating an unforgettable first impression. The company provides various products, from street lighting, landscape decoration, and facade lighting to indoor lighting, furniture, entertainment areas, and spas, with different choices for investors to meet their aesthetic needs and optimise costs.

In addition, the company provides intelligent lighting solutions, high applicability, flexible connections with many different manufacturers, with outstanding utilities such as one-button control devices or voice communication, automatic sensor systems, integrated navigation systems, and much more.

The agreement between Dien Quang and Alphanam E&C is part of a cooperation relationship to explore existing potential, promote both sides, and help develop the country's economy and social life.


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