Trade ministry to draft Covid-19 safe living map at manufacturing plants

The Covid-19 safe living map system at the website address of is designed to show real-time the pandemic evolution in Vietnam.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is set to draw up a Covid-19 safe living map in which the pandemic data on manufacturing plants, super markets, shopping malls and restaurants nationwide will be updated.

Steel production at Hoang Vu company, Nam Tu Liem district. Photo: Chien Cong

Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien made the request in a directive issued on May 12 on measures to ensure supply-demand balance for market stabilization and combat trade frauds amid serious Covid-19 situation.

Under the plan, the MoIT requested provincial trade departments to update data on local manufacturing plants on  the Covid-19 safe living map at the website address of

Meanwhile, the Domestic Market Department is responsible for updating the map with latest data of infection risks at super markets, shopping malls and restaurants.

Minister Dien also urged provincial trade departments to ensure sufficient supplies of goods to meet customers’ demands and prevent price gouging in any circumstances.

The MoIT is expected to work with related ministries and localities in price regulation to keep inflation under control.

Dien also stressed the importance of keeping smooth movements of goods during the pandemic to minimize negative impacts on businesses.

The Vietnamese government last October launched the Covid-19 safe living map system at the website address of to show real-time safety situation in the context of the pandemic.

Each criterion in the safety assessment for public facilities corresponds to a certain number of points. By analyzing updated data, the system will calculate and make an assessment by color: Green - Safe; Gold - Risky; Red - Unsafe.

Hanoi Times

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