Phan Thiet hospitality industry to develop further thanks to slew of new highways, roads

 More investment would be made into roads between Phan Thiet and Dau Giay and the DT.719 coastal road, the southern province of Binh Thuan has said.

The Phan Thiet-Dau Giay Highway will meet up with National Highway No1 and go on to the Ham Kiem-Tien Thanh road and a coastal road.

The 10.2km road will be 37m wide.

The 25km DT719B will run parallel to the existing DT719 and they will meet in Hon Lan in Tan Thanh, Ham Thuan Nam District near Mui Ke Ga. They then run up to La Gi Town and National Highway No55, which runs to Vung Tau.

The cost of the roads will be over VND2 trillion, including VND460 billion for the Ham Kiem-Tien Thanh road. Another VND1 trillion will be spent on the new DT719B.

The cost of widening DT719 will be around VND600 billion.

The province Department of Transportation said land acquisition for the North-South Highway in Binh Thuan Province has been completed.

It said the highway would have three sections, Cam Lam-Vinh Hao, Vinh Hao-Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet-Dau Giay.

They will run a total of 160km and so huge tracts of land need to be acquired and cleared.

By January the province had handed over to the Ministry of Transport’s project management board 980ha, equivalent to 81 per cent of the total land required.

Local district people’s committees have handed over documents related to compensation payable for 860ha, or 71 per cent of the total land required.

The total cost is estimated at VND1.376 trillion, including VND25.7 billion for Cam Lam-Vinh Hao Part, VND871 billion for Vinh Hao-Phan Thiet and VND479 billion for Phan Thiet-Dau Giay.

The compensation paid so far is VND1.229 trillion, or 89 per cent of the total proposed amount. Another VND147 billion has been paid as compensation for others such as agricultural and forestry lands and infrastructure.

The Phan Thiet hospitality sector is set to benefit from proposed new roads

In areas where there will be new roads and highways, local authorities have provided all information about land acquisition and compensation policies to the public.

Seeing the potential infrastructure brings, many real estate developers have flocked to Phan Thiet City in Binh Thuan to develop large hospitality projects.

One of them is NovaWorld Phan Thiet, which spreads about 1,000ha. The project developed by Novaland Group runs 7km along the beach.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet is on DT719B and has many second-home products like town houses and villas and shophouses.

A company spokesperson said it is an ideal location to develop a complex with many amenities and attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet is on highway DT719B that runs up to Phan Thiet City. File Photos

Recently Novaland and McKinsey Company handed over a Binh Thuan Tourism Development Plan for up to 2025 to the province People’s Committee.

Novaland hopes to join hands with local authorities to take tourism to a new level, contributing to the development of national tourism.



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