Banks launch recruitment drives to prepare for year-end

Several banks have recently announced they would recruit a large number of personnel to meet their business expansion plans in the last quarter of the year - the busiest time for banks.


HDBank announced a plan to recruit 1,000 new staff for transaction offices and branches in HCM City, Ha Noi and 44 other cities and provinces nationwide. The positions to be filled are for individual and corporate customer relationship managers and consultants.

HDBank currently has about 6,200 employees at 285 transaction offices and branches nationwide, in addition to nearly 8,000 employees at its consumer finance subsidiary HD Saison.

A number of other banks will also have to step up recruitment from now to the year-end as they have announced plans to hire thousands of employees this year, but no significant progress has been made.

For example, ACB in March launched a nationwide effort to recruit 1,000 people for various positions in the bank’s business, operations and information technology divisions this year, but the number of the bank’s employees decreased by 168 people in the first half of this year.

The same move was seen at Nam A Bank, which said it would recruit 2,000 employees from managers to consultants in 2019 to expand the network and develop nationwide, but the number of personnel at the bank basically remained stable in the first six months according to the bank’s financial statements.

Earlier, in the first six months, many banks also recruited a large number of employees, such as Vietcombank with 1,136 new employees; TPBank, 682; MBBank, 739; and Techcombank, 529.

Industry insiders said banks have been expanding their networks and deploying new business activities, so demand for workers is growing.


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