FDI firms to be listed soon: Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance will soon release a policy to put foreign direct investment (FDI) firms on the stock market.


According to the ministry’s six-month report on the equities market, there will be a framework to supervise the FDI firms when they are listed.

Some FDI firms have transformed into joint-stock companies from limited-liability ones, but there is no policy to make them list shares on the stock market.

At the end of May, the Ministry of Finance and the State Securities Commission asked for opinions from the ministries of Planning and Investment, Justice and Public Security about the proposal.

The finance ministry and the Ministry of Planning and Investment will also work together to develop a mechanism to closely monitor the trading of FDI firms’ shares.

In other markets such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, a number of FDI firms are listed on the stock markets and there is no difference or discrimination between foreign-invested firms and domestic firms.


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