Fight against foreign goods carrying made-in-Vietnam labels intensifies

The National Steering Committee for the Prevention of Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Fake Goods has asked the relevant agencies to tighten control over foreign goods that illegally bear made-in-Vietnam labels, the Government news website reported.

According to the committee, also known as the National Steering Committee 389, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, many foreign entities have falsely labeled their goods, especially consumer goods and fashion products, as originating in Vietnam to illegally benefit from the free trade agreements that Vietnam is a party to and avoid trade defense measures imposed by importing countries. This has caused losses for the State budget and harmed domestic export enterprises and consumers.

To protect local firms’ brands, ensure a fair and healthy business environment and protect local consumers’ interests, agencies should regularly inspect border gate areas to prevent low-quality and fake products from being smuggled into the country.

In addition, heavy penalties should be imposed on those caught smuggling and distributing counterfeit products.

It is also necessary to ask local consumers not to cover up for and help smugglers.

According to experts, the escalating trade tensions between the United States and China will definitely affect the global economy, including Vietnam.

The country is reliant on trade with its export revenue exceeding the gross domestic product, according to statistics gathered by the World Bank. Vietnam also has a high trade surplus with the United States.

Also, enterprises and experts have raised concerns over the influx of Chinese goods into the country for consumption and re-export in the coming period.

Nguyen Duc Thanh, director of the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research, said that if Chinese products face higher U.S. tariffs, many types of Chinese goods may find ways to enter ASEAN markets, especially Vietnam, from where they will then be exported to the United States under made-in-Vietnam labels. As a result, Vietnamese products may be at risk.


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