Dinh Vu polyester to officially resume operation on April 18

The Dinh Vu polyester plant is expected to resume the operation of its three manufacturing workshops on April 18, with the first priority of cutting unnecessary expenses during the operation process to limit losses.

Dao Van Ngoc, chairman of the Board of Directors of PetroVietnam Petrochemical and Textile Fiber JSC (PVTex), the operator of Dinh Vu polyester, told Vnexpress that in April PVTex resumed the operation of its three yarn production lines to scrutinise the quality of draw texturised yarn (DTY) and will officially resume the operation of the spinning lines on April 18.

Experts form Germany’s Bamag GMBH, which supplies equipment to the plant, will join and support PVTex to resume operations.

At present, PVTex completed the purchase of materials at competitive prices for manufacturing. In the first month, the plant is expected to manufacture 189 tonnes of yarn.

Previously, at the day of trial operation, Le Manh Hung, deputy general director of PetroVietnam, stated that PVTex has been methodically preparing and the plant will operate with a view to minimise manufacturing expenditures.

The Dinh Vu polyster plant came into commercial operation in May 2014 with a capacity of 236 tonnes of polyester fibre and yarn per day, equalling 48 per cent of its designed capacity. However, the factory had to suspend operations numerous times due to unsold products piling up. It is one of the 12 projects under the Ministry of Industry and Trade incurring trillion-dong losses.

Previously, in September 2017, Reliance Industry Company from India decided to co-operate with PetroVietnam to restart the plant.

Accordingly, Reliance would provide personnel for maintenance, material supply, and sales operations, among others. PetroVietnam proposed the Indian partner to buy PVTex’s shares, but no official information is forthcoming yet.

Besides, PVTex also discussed with domestic partners raising capital to maintain the operations of the plant, while simultaneously collaborating with experts to evaluate the quality of the DTY manufacturing lines.




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