BCEL-KT promote stock listing ahead of AEC

The coming integration to form the Asean Economic Community (AEC) next year will bring both opportunities and challenges for Lao economic development.

BCEL-KT securities company held a seminar on Monday to prepare businesses for the inception of the AEC by improving their understanding of the benefits and risks associated with stock listing.

The seminar aimed to make more businesses are aware of the capital raising opportunities available to them if they opt to list on the Lao Stock Exchange (LSX).

Participants also had the chance to improve their understanding about corporate branding establishment and the role of investor relations.

The participants came from various government and private sectors, listening to lectures and talks by three experts from Thailand, where a securities exchange has been in operation for many years.

Managing Director of Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public, Mr Vankham Voravong said he hoped that this seminar would be useful for securities development in Laos.

To enable business units in Laos to integrate with the region, in particular the Asean Economic Community, they have to adjust their business to the standard level.

BCEL- KT operates under the BCEL group, with the defined role to help promote the development of the capital market in Laos.

T he firm established its operations in complex securities and has a developed a name for its reliable services in the field, while its personnel also have experience in financial consulting, securities selling' assurance services and secur ities trading and brokerage.

BCEL-KT was the first securities company in Laos. It is a joint venture between BCEL Bank and KT-Zemico of Thailand.

The company currently serves as the chief financial consultant and share seller for two of the three listed companies on the Lao Securities Exchange. It also serves as a financial consultant to five other companies in Laos.

BCEL-KT holds a dominant position in the share brokerage field in Laos and has done for the three years of the burse's operations. This year it holds more than a 90 percent market share in Laos.

This development shows that it continues to maintain and grow the quality of its services and establish itself as a reliable information provider to both domestic and foreign customers.

BCEL-KT also provides important information about securities education to local people and business units in Laos, aiming to encourage Lao people increase their understanding about the opportunities and risks in share market trading.

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