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Hattha Kaksekar Limited bond officially lists on the CSX

12/06/2018 13:50

Investors will have more options in Cambodia’s securities market as Hattha Kaksekar Limited’s (HKL) first-ever corporate bond was officially listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) on Wednesday.

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Power firm poised for listing on the CSX

06/07/2018 13:00

The Cambodian Securities Exchange (CSX) granted its approval for an initial eligibility review for Pestech (Cambodia) Ltd to be listed on the bourse.

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Malaysian firm to list on Cambodian stock market

12/27/2017 09:51

Cambodia’s fledgling stock exchange could receive a much-needed boost after Malaysian-owned power infrastructure provider Pestech Cambodia officially submitted its application for an initial public offering on the CSX, industry insiders said yesterday.

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Pestech to list its local subsidiary next year

09/07/2017 10:59

Malaysian power infrastructure provider Pestech International plans to list its wholly owned Cambodian subsidiary next year in a bid to raise a cash equivalent of $18 million to expand its presence in the Indo-China region, according to Japanese media reports.

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SMEs get support to go public

08/25/2017 07:21

In a move to urge small- and medium-d businesses to list on the Cambodian stock exchange’s Growth Board, more than 70 companies have joined a new initiative offered by the market regulator that will provide professional guidance on how to meet listing criteria, paving the way to having a first listing sometime next year.

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Sihanoukville port rides wave of increasing container traffic

08/01/2017 08:58

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS), which operates the Kingdom’s only deepsea port, reported a modest increase in container traffic during the first six months of the year, compared to a year earlier, a trend its director said should result in higher profits for the listed company.

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Realty agency to list on Cambodian Securities Exchange

11/15/2016 09:07

Real estate firm Century 21 Mekong, one of nearly 20 independent real estate offices operating as part of the Century 21 franchise in Cambodia, plans to float shares on the stock market to raise funds for expansion, a company executive said yesterday.

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Pestech plugs into power sector ahead of listing

03/09/2016 10:00

Malaysian power infrastructure provider Pestech International is looking to establish its Cambodian subsidiary as a top player in the local energy market, and operate it as a hub for regional expansion ahead of its planned listing on the local stock exchange, a company spokesman said yesterday.

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Pestech plans to list subsidiary on CSX

02/29/2016 07:42

Malaysian power infrastructure provider Pestech International has announced plans to list one of its indirect wholly owned Cambodian subsidiaries on the local stock exchange.

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Chinese firm intends to list on CSX in 2016

11/26/2015 10:12

Hong Kong-based developer Eastland Development (HK) Ltd has expressed interest in listing on Cambodia’s stock exchange within a year.


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