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Stock market unruffled by ‘Feb 20 Event’: CSX official

02/25/2021 07:49

The emergence of the Kingdom’s third community transmission, dubbed the “February 20 Community Event”, has not had a discernible impact on stock prices, according to Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon.

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Gains not losses: Key factors that affect share prices in the market

01/18/2021 12:02

Share price fluctuations can either create opportunities for gains for investors – or potentially be the cause of losses.

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SECC prepared to list shares of holding firms

01/18/2021 11:58

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) is drafting a prakas on public offerings of equity securities for holding companies to allow them to issue shares on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) in a move towards diversification and development of the nation’s capital markets.

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Now the time to buy stocks, says CSX’s Ha

01/12/2021 11:59

Now is a great time for the general public to buy shares on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) as the Kingdom show gradual signs of economic recovery from the impact of Covid-19, according to its vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon.

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In-principle nod given to securities companies in Kingdom

01/07/2021 07:45

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) on January 5 approved in principle a handful of applications for licences.

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SECC to continue making strides in 2021 to build on past successes

01/05/2021 08:28

In alignment with the vision of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the Financial Sector Development Plan, the securities market was established as a means for mobilising and allocating capital to finance the many types of investment, and to promote national economic growth.

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Senate passes draft law on Gov’t Securities

12/22/2020 07:55

The Senate on December 21 approved on the Draft Law on Government Securities which allows the government to prepare bonds to issue in the capital market to collect funds from the public for the country’s development.

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CSX reviews first application for Growth Board IPO

12/15/2020 11:57

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) is currently going over its first-ever initial public offering (IPO) eligibility review application for a company to list on its Growth Board since the secondary board was launched in 2015, its vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon told The Post on December 14.

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Keys for choosing stocks to invest in

12/07/2020 12:06

Selecting strong stocks is not a challenge if investors use the right strategies.

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CSX largely unfazed by Nov 28 event

12/03/2020 11:52

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has seen minimal slowdown in stock trading and marginal changes in share prices in light of the Kingdom’s first local transmission on November 28, its vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon said on December 2.


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