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Lao agro firms raise challenges

03/10/2020 08:14

Lao agribusiness representatives have held talks with officials of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) to try to find solutions to various challenges and barriers.

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Cultivation improvements on agenda amid droughts

03/03/2020 07:55

The Lao National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee is helping farmers across the country to improve their cultivation techniques so that crops can better withstand drought and dry season yields can be increased.

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Lao electricity export up 125 per cent in five years

02/06/2020 08:22

From 2016-2020, Laos expanded electricity capacity to 6,457MW for export markets, which represents an increase of 145 per cent over the previous five-year period.

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Virus outbreak yet to impact Lao exporters

02/05/2020 08:11

Lao exports to China continue to flow as normal despite China being in the midst of the current coronavirus outbreak.

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Lao SEZs aiming for increase in investors, employees

01/20/2020 07:51

Laos’ Special and Specific Economic Zone (SEZ) Promotion and Management Office and domestic SEZ authorities are gearing up to promote operations in various zones across the nation.


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