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Exchange rate gaps widen in Lao PDR

10/14/2020 07:51

The gap between the official and parallel market exchange rates has widened in recent months, driven by a mismatch in supply and demand, resulting in pressure on importers and inflation.

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Fiscal deficit ramps up pressures on Lao gov’t

08/25/2020 08:04

An elevated fiscal deficit will result in growing public debt, which will ramp up pressure on Laos’ debt servicing capacity amid the Covid-19 crisis.

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Central bank of Laos imposes new regulation for currency exchanges

07/15/2020 08:37

The Bank of the Lao PDR has come up with a new administrative rule designed to administer currency exchange businesses amid the appreciation of international currencies against the Lao kip.

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Laos boosts revenue collection

03/04/2020 07:58

The Tax Revenue Management Information System (TaxRIS), the new payment platform for Easy Tax and Smart Tax, has become a new tool employed in Laos as part of steps to boost efficiency and transparency in revenue collection.


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