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Long queues for petrol stations as fuel crisis hits Laos

05/12/2022 08:03

Long lines of motorists queuing for petrol have been snaking through the streets of Vientiane in recent days as Laos struggles with a growing fuel crisis.

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Declining coffee production in Laos needs urgent attention: association

01/19/2022 08:08

The Lao Coffee Association (LCA) is worried about a steep decline in domestic coffee production and a gradual increase in prices of the commodity.

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Laos on pace to pass $200M buffalo, cattle export target for 2021

10/26/2021 08:01

The value of Laos’ buffalo and cattle exports this year could exceed $200 million, despite the trading difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Laos gov’t clamps down on illegal import of vehicles

10/18/2021 08:00

The Lao government has ordered steps to be taken against individuals and businesses that import vehicles illegally and to prevent the improper use of all types of vehicles, with the aim of ensuring that all customs duty and other taxes are paid.

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Bananas the largest slice of Laos’ export pie to China

09/08/2020 08:01

Lao authorities have ensured that this year bananas continue to be the top earner among all agricultural exports to China despite the government banning more banana plantations.

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Laos ups its coffee exports by 100% to hit $40M

08/28/2020 08:17

Laos exported nearly 22,300 tonnes of coffee beans, worth almost $40 million, during the first six months of this year, up from $20 million from the same period last year, the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) said.

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Laos sees more revenue from coffee

06/23/2020 08:11

The number of coffee plantations under the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) has decreased by around five to 10 per cent in the first five months of this year as growers shifted to cassava for better incomes.

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Rubber growers pensive as price tanks

06/28/2017 08:10

Lao rubber producers are concerned with what they see as the unsustainably low price of rubber as they experience the brunt of low prices on global markets.

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Lao noodle maker eyes Myanmar market

06/28/2017 08:05

Well known for outlets in various Vientiane locations for its fish flavoured noodle soup (khaopiekloukxinpa) or rice noodle soup with fish meatballs, the SaepEeli noodle brand is aiming to enhance its taste and flavour for the international market, its founder says.

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Herbal product distributors seek expansion overseas

06/07/2017 08:54

Distributors of organic herbal products are rushing to have the government guarantee them One District One Product (ODOP) certification in hopes of taking advantage of opportunities overseas.


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