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Rising baht poses inflation risk for Laos

03/20/2013 22:17

The government is facing bigger challenges to keep the price of goods in the country stable as the value of the Thai baht continues to rise against the Lao kip.

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Govt needs new measures to curb price hikes

02/28/2013 23:14

The government will have to revise its policy on regulating product prices, as the current mechanism is unable to keep prices stable.

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IMF praises Lao economic development

01/31/2013 23:02

Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mr Naoyuki Shinohara, visited Laos this week and gave an interview to Vientiane Times on Laos' economic development. The questions and answers are detailed below.

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WTO membership unleashes Lao SMEs onto the world market

11/08/2012 23:37

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) congratulated Laos on its recent acceptance and upcoming ratification as Asean's latest member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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Lao GDP growth to reach 8.3 pct this year: WB

05/25/2012 14:32

Growing mining, construction, manufacturing and services sectors are expected to increase the growth rate of Lao GDP from 8 percent in 2011 to 8.3 percent this year, according to the World Bank's latest East Asia and Pacific Economic Update (EAP).

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Tax and investment laws inconsistent

05/10/2012 16:35

Business operators are encountering difficulties as the government cannot enforce the Law on Investment Promotion, according to a senior official from the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Lao CPI figures rise by 5.33 percent in March

05/02/2012 17:01

The cost of living in Laos is continuing to rise, with power and water prices on the increase.

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Laos targets 8 percent GDP growth next fiscal year

04/27/2012 18:23

The government plans to maintain strong economic growth next fiscal year despite facing a number of internal and external challenges.

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Continued EU woes point to currency dip

04/25/2012 18:11

The euro-to-US dollar exchange rate has remained stable, ranging from $1.33 to $1.48, despite the deepening of the European financial crisis that came with Greece’s first bailout package of 110 billion euros ($149 billion) in May, 2010.

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EDL-Gen rally: 14th straight day of gains

04/20/2012 01:09

There's plenty of fire in the belly for EDL-Gen's stock price as it made its 14th straight day of gains early Thursday from 4,400 to 5,100 kip before finally closing at 5,000 kip.


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