MoC initiates pilot project for nationwide wholesale markets

Jul 5th at 08:19
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MoC initiates pilot project for nationwide wholesale markets

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is taking steps towards establishing a network of wholesale markets across Cambodia to improve market efficiency, reduce post-harvest losses and stabilize prices.


The ministry has formed a working group to explore the feasibility of creating government-managed wholesale markets in the capital and provinces.

The working group started conducting studies on the possibility of establishing wholesale markets in the capital and provinces by visiting local agricultural markets in Battambang and Kampong Thom provinces.

The group analyzed factors like market location, infrastructure needs, product types and potential benefits for all stakeholders.

The first group led by Seang Thay, Secretary of State of Commerce and Chairman of the working group, visited Battambang province, met with the Vice Governor of Battambang province, officials of the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and some traders in the province to discuss and understand the situation of fruit and vegetable cultivation, harvesting, transportation, demands and supplies in the province, as well as challenges and suggestions of producers and traders.

The team then visited the Phu Puy wholesale market to directly inspect the activities of trade, supplies and distribution of agricultural products as well as visit the agricultural production community to inquire about the status of harvesting and distribution of agricultural products.

The second group led by Oum Kosal, Undersecretary of State of Commerce and Vice Chairman of the working group, met with the Vice Governor of Kampong Thom province, officials of the Provincial Department of Commerce and some traders in Kampong Thom to discuss related works, productions, supplies and flows of agricultural products, especially fruits and vegetables, market activities in the province, as well as listening to the challenges and suggestions of producers and traders.

The team led by Kosal also visited some agricultural production communities.

The establishment of nationwide wholesale markets holds the potential to transform Cambodia’s agricultural sector by improving market efficiency, reducing post-harvest losses, and stabilizing prices, these markets could contribute significantly to food security and economic growth in Cambodia.

This move was made amid calls from Prime Minister Hun Manet to establish wholesale markets.

“Cambodia is studying the establishment of new wholesale markets in the capital of Phnom Penh to boost the export of Cambodian agricultural products to international markets,” the Prime Minister said during a ceremony of National Fish Day held earlier this week.



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