VIB approves 29.5% dividend payout

Apr 4th at 15:41
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VIB approves 29.5% dividend payout

Shareholders of Vietnam International Bank (VIB) approved the dividend distribution plan with a rate of 29.5 per cent, comprising 12.5 per cent cash dividends and 17 per cent stock dividends.

VIB leaders at the AGM in HCM City on Tuesday. — Photo courtesy of the bank

They also agreed on the pre-tax profit plan of over VNĐ12 trillion for fiscal year 2024 during the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting (AGM) in HCM City on Tuesday.

The plan to increase the charter capital to VNĐ29.791 trillion, representing a 17.44 per cent increase, was also approved by shareholders at the AGM.

After seven years of its 10-year strategic transformation journey (2017-26), VIB has established a solid foundation for growth in scale, quality and brand value, positioning itself as one of the leading banks in terms of business efficiency, asset and revenue growth, cost-effective management and stringent risk control.

VIB's profits have achieved a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 48 per cent over the past seven years, with a return on equity (ROE) reaching 25 per cent, leading the industry for several consecutive years. Key indicators related to revenue growth, operational efficiency, and cost control all surpass the average of the top 10 listed banks.

Consistent with the strategy to become Việt Nam's leading retail bank in terms of scale and quality, VIB currently maintains a top position in retail proportion with over 85 per cent of its credit portfolio dedicated to retail lending. The bank consistently leads the market share in critical business segments such as home loans, auto loans and credit cards.

After six years, the total active credit cards numbered over 700,000, an eight-fold increase, with customer spending through VIB credit cards growing over 10 times, reaching a total expenditure of US$4 billion in 2023.

VIB's digital banking ecosystem continues to expand, acquiring an additional one million new customers in 2023.

The number of transactions on the digital platform exceeded 300 million, representing a growth of over 130 per cent compared to 2022 and a staggering increase by 60 times over the past seven years. This has led to digital channels accounting for 94 per cent of the total retail transaction volume.

In the next phase, VIB sets out sustainable growth targets, leading in robust governance practices, pioneering digitisation and consistently aiming to become the top retail bank in terms of quality and scale in Việt Nam, according to the bank's Board of Directors.

To achieve the business goals for 2024 and the strategy for the remaining three years of the transformation journey, the bank has identified six strategic directions such as innovative and superior customer solutions and products, excellence in technology and digital banking, and empowerment in human resources. 




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