Phat Dat (PDR) plans to pay 36.3 per cent dividends

Phat Dat Real Estate Development Corporation will organise the annual general meeting of shareholders on March 26, expecting to approve relevant proposals to the company's business and operation plan in 2022 as well as the plan to pay a dividend of 36.3 per cent in shares.


This marks the seventh consecutive year, Phat Dat has paid dividends since 2015.

With dividend payment in shares, shareholders will have a lot of advantages as Phat Dat has a good market price among the VN30 group. Another benefit for shareholders is that income tax for share dividents will be less than cash dividends.

Meanwhile, earnings per share in 2021 climbed 49.6 per cent on-year to $0.16, creating significant added value for shareholders and investors. Phat Dat has built a solid belief in shareholders over the years as the company has always fulfiled its business goals in its development strategy.

Draft plan for 2022

Regarding business goals, Phat Dat expects its pre-tax profit to reach $159.3 million in 2022, up 55.1 per cent against 2021. The sum will contribute to the accumulated plan of pre-tax profit reaching $624.5 million in 2019-2023. The plan for pre-tax profit is expected to be based on Nhon Hoi-Binh Dinh tourist urban area, high-rise project subdivision 9, Astral City, and Serenity Phuoc Hai.

Among them, Astral City is on right track to be handed over to customers in the fourth quarter of 2022. To speed up the progress, the company has implemented three construction shifts per day. All construction activities have been accelerated after the social distancing period.

In addition, Phat Dat has also completed the geological survey of Serenity Phuoc Hai. The project is slated to be launched in March and rolled out to the market in May. Serenity Phuoc Hai is situated in a strategic location on the heavily invested coastal road with unspoiled beaches and unique straits. The project is expected to be a spotlight to attract professional investors to Ba Ria-Vung Tau – one of the emerging real estate markets in Vietnam.

Phat Dat maintains long-term goals

Phat Dat not only implements annual business plans but also pursues its long-term development goals and business strategies.

With regards to the residential segment, Phat Dat will double down on its strength to develop potential projects and model urban areas in emerging markets such as Binh Dinh to create strong cash flows.

Phat Dat plans to invest in wellness real estate projects in tourism markets like Phu Quoc, Binh Dinh, Danang, and Ba Ria-Vung Tau to capitalise on the unexploited potential.

Phat Dat is also developing residential and hospitality projects such as Bac Ha Thanh, Bo Bac Residential Area, 223 Tran Phu project, Poulo Condor, Tropicana, and the Binh Duong Tower.

The company also sees great potential in the industrial park segment as the domestic economy is undergoing many drastic changes along with factory relocations to Vietnam. Phat Dat continues to use resources from home and abroad to expand the land bank of industrial parks and the accompanying services.

The projects that will be implemented in 2022 include the Dung Quat Industrial Park, Industrial Park in Danang, Industrial Park in Binh Duong, and Cao Lanh Industrial Park, among others.


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