VDS: Overcome the status of securities being put under warning

  On March 28, 2023, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation announces the measures and schedule to overcome the status of securities being put under warning with details as follows:

  1. The Board of Director approved the business plan in 2023 to submit to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the fiscal year 2022:

-          Total revenue: 890.1 billion dongs

-          Total expenses: 619.3 billion dongs

-          Profit before tax: 270.8 billion dongs

-          Profit after tax: 216.6 billion dongs.

  1. Solutions to implement the above plan:

-          For brokerage business: strengthen customer care, combine new products, services and technologies for effective consulting.

-          For securities/lending services: set the goal of stabilizing working capital, developing safe and effective lending activities and strict risk management. In addition, the Company will deploy more diversified and flexible margin lending products to meet the investment needs of different customer groups.

-          For investment banking activities: promote mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting activities in 2023, strengthen the search and offer of projects and share capital for investors with financial potential in the market, especially foreign investors. In addition, maintaining corporate financial advisory activities, issuing advisory for existing customers.

-          For investment activities: improve and enhance the efficiency of investment activities when the market recovers.


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