CVT: Notice of the record date for bond interest payment (CVT122007)

Feb 2nd at 15:17
02-02-2023 15:17:14+07:00

CVT: Notice of the record date for bond interest payment (CVT122007)

CMC Joint Stock Company announces the record date as follows:

-        Issuer: CMC Joint Stock Company

-        Bond symbol:       CVT122007

-        Bond type:            corporate bond

-        Par value:              100,000 VND/bond

-        Record date:          February 06, 2023

-        Purpose: to make the second interest payment (from and including the date of August 10, 2022 to and excluding the date of February 10, 2023) of CVT122007.

-        Interest rate:          10%/year

-        Payment amount:  5,041.096 VND/bond

-        Payment date:       February 10, 2023 

-        Place of payment:

  • For bondholders whose bonds have been deposited: Bondholders will fulfill procedures to receive bond interest and principal at the securities firms where the bonds have been deposited.
  • For bondholders whose bonds have not been deposited: The bond interest and principal will be paid to the bondholders’ accounts which were registered at CMC Joint Stock Company on February 10, 2023.




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