BAC A BANK opens new bond issuance

With the aim to diversify its investment portfolio and optimise the benefit of customers, BAC A BANK is offering 25.646 million bonds from January 30 to February 27.


This is the second time BAC A BANK has made such on offering. Earlier, building on the patronage of its customers in September 2022, the lender successfully issued its bonds for the first time.

Under the new plan, it will deploy four bond issuances totally valued at up to VND4 trillion ($173.9 million).

The issued bonds are non-convertible bonds, without warrants and collaterals, and satisfy the conditions to be included in the Tier 2 capital of the issuer.

The second issuance of bonds is divided into three bond types including BAB202202-07L (term of seven years), BAB202202-07C (seven years) and BAB202202-08C (eight years).

With a par value of VND100,000 ($4.34) per bond, with interests paid every 12 months, the bonds aim to help customers access a safe and stable source of profit. Along with other investment channels such as savings or ordinary certificates of deposit, the second bond issuance applies attractive flexible interest rates based on an annual basis. The estimated time to buy back bonds is also very flexible, ranging from 18 to 36 months.

After the bonds are deposited and listed, BAC A BANK allows customers to mortgage bonds, apply super-competitive interest rates, and create conditions for customers to take the initiative in finance if they suddenly need more capital.

Besides that, customers are also entitled to fully exercise the rights of bondholders including transfer, donation, and inheritance; and can easily perform trading activities on the Hanoi Stock Exchange.

The minimum order quantity is 500 bonds for individual investors, and 1,000 bonds for institutional investors. The time to receive purchase registrations for this second issuance is from January 30 to February 27 at 9 am. Bonds are distributed directly at BAC A BANK's headquarters and its branches or/and transaction offices nationwide.

Being licensed to issue and officially offering bonds to the public once again helps the bank to affirm its stable financial health, strictly complying with legal regulations and committing to supply to the market with safe, effective, transparent, and highly liquid financial investment products and solutions.


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