FPT/BSC/C/6M/EU/Cash/2022-01: Notice of issue of covered warrant

BIDV Securities Joint Stock Company announces the issue of covered warrant as follows:

  1. Issuer: BIDV Securities Joint Stock Company
  2. Head office: 210 Tran Quang Khai, Trang Tien ward, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi.
  3. Name, address of underwriter (if any): none
  4. Information on the warrant:

-          Name of warrant: Warrant FPT/BSC/C/6M/EU/Cash/2022-01

-          Name (code) of underlying security: FPT

-          Issuer of the underlying security: FPT Corporation

-          Stage of issue:

-          Warrant type (call/put): call

-          Warrant style (European style/American style): European-style

-          Method of exercise (cash/ transfer of underlying security): cash

-          Duration: 6 months

-          Expiration date: June 27, 2023

-           Conversion ratio: 6:1

-          Exercise price: 84,000 VND

-          Value of collateral: 1,680,000,000 VND

5. Quantity of warrants registered for offering: 1,500,000 warrants
6. Issue price: 2,240VND/warrant
7. Quantity of issued warrants (in case of additional issue): 0
8. Minimum buying quantity: 1,000 warrants
9. Time of subscription: from 9:00 to 11:00, December 27, 2022
10. Place of subscription and receipt of prospectus: BIDV Securities Joint Stock Company
11. Bank for blocking depository money: VietinBank – Ha Noi branch. 


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