NSI: Board resolution on bond issuance

National Securities Incorporation (short name: NSI) announces Board Resolution No.29 dated August 12, 2020 as follows:

The Board of Directors approved a private placement of bonds in 2020:

−      Issuer: National Securities Incorporation

−      Bond type: non-convertible, secured bond, no warrants

−      Bond name: Bond of National Securities Incorporation

−      Bond code: N – BOND

−      Face value: VND100,000,000/bond

−      Estimated offering volume: 1,000 bonds

−      Estimated offering value at face value: VND100,000,000,000.

−      Bond term: 12 months

−      Interest rate: 10.5%/year

−      Interest payment period: once every 6 months

−      Issue method: private placement. 

−      Estimated issue date: August 18, 2020. 



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