DLT: Notice of record date for Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020

1. Issuer: Vinacomin - Tourism & Trading Joint Stock Company
2. Stock code: DLT
3. Par value: VND 10,000/share
4. Record date: 17/03/2020
5. Ex-date: 16/03/2020
6. Reason:
     * General Meeting of Shareholders 2020
          - Exercise rate: 01 share - 01 voting rights
          - Time: 24/04/2020
          - Place: Company meeting room, 8th floor of Viet A building, Duy Tan street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi city 
          - Agenda: 
               + Working regulations of the General Meeting of Shareholders at the annual meeting in 2020;
               + Report on the replacement of the Board of Directors' personnel for the third term in 2019;
               + Report on the results of production and business activities of the Company in the period of 2015-2020 and directions of tasks in the period of 2020-2025;
               + Report on production, business and investment activities in 2019; production, business and investment plan in 2020;
               + Report on activities of the Board of Directors
               + Publicly report on some audited financial ratios in 2019 and Profit distribution plan in 2019;
               + Report on remuneration for the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board in 2019 and payment plan for 2020;
               + Report of the Board of Supervisors appraising the Financial Statements after auditing of the Company in 2019;
               + Report on operation of the Board of Supervisors for the third term (2015-2020);
               + Selecting an auditor to audit the financial statements of 2020;
               + Statement of increasing charter capital of the Company;
               + Performing the election of members of the Board of Directors and Supervisors of the Company term IV (2015-2025);
               + Other arising contents (if any) within the deciding competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with the Law and the Charter of the Company.


DLT 9,300 0 %
VND 11,100 -250 -2.20%

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