Sandbox needed for developing sharing economy

The sandbox, a testing mechanism for new technologies, plays a vital role in promoting the sharing economy, according to the Prime Minister’s decision approving the sharing economy development scheme.

The decision will contribute to encouraging innovation and digitization, while developing the digital economy.

A notable point of the decision is the implementation of the sandbox, which allows the testing and piloting of new technologies in the process of developing the sharing economy.

The sharing economy development scheme also contains suggestions for sharing economic management on the governmental level to make use of the advantages of the sharing economy and cope with its weaknesses.

According to the Central Institute for Economic Management under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the scheme will clarify the essence of the sharing economy, identify sharing economic activities, and analyze the sharing economy situation in Vietnam.

There have been several sharing economy platforms in Vietnam, such as ride-hailing services Grab and dichung, and room sharing service Airbnb. Sharing economy services have also appeared in other sectors, such as travel (, digital repair (Rada), and finance (

Some experts have noted that to develop and make full use of such services, they must be tested to ensure their efficiency and suitability.

In the case of GrabCar, the service was tested in five provinces for two years, from January 2016 to January 2018, before being officially put into operation.

Additionally, there should be a fair environment for both the sharing economy and traditional business, and regulations that constrain both traditional business and the sharing economy need to be aborted.


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