Campaign launched to promote Poland’s beef exports to Vietnam

A campaign to promote the export of high-quality beef products from Poland to Vietnam was launched during an event in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.

The event, attended by several Polish and Vietnamese enterprises, and the Embassy of Poland in Vietnam, took place more than a month after the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) was signed on June 30.

Even though both countries are still looking forward to the ratification of the landmark deal, Polish enterprises believe it is time to start paving the way for their businesses in the Southeast Asian country, hence yesterday's launch of the three-year promotion campaign for Polish beef.

The FTA between the EU and Vietnam is the "most ambitious free trade deal" the 28-state bloc has ever concluded with a developing country, as it provides for the almost complete (99 percent) elimination of customs duties between the two sides.

According to the trade pact, beef imported from the EU into Vietnam will become duty-free three years after the effective date of the EVFTA.

This means the conclusion of the three-year promotion campaign of the Polish enterprises will coincide with the time when Vietnam begins to exempt import duties on beef shipped from the EU.

During these three years, the Association of Polish Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat is willing to give Vietnamese agencies and enterprises sponsored fam trips to Poland to visit beef production and processing plants, according to vice-president Piotr Ziemann.

Ziemann said that some Polish government agencies have recently paid visits to Vietnam and realized the potential for Polish beef exports to the country.

According to the vice-president, Poland has the advantage of producing beef, whose quality is among the best in the EU, at costs 17 percent lower than the average of the continent.

He added that Poland exports 85 percent of its beef, compared to the modest ratios of chicken and pork, 55 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

At Thursday’s event, a number of top Polish chefs also showed off their cooking skills, using ingredients carried all the way from their home country to Vietnam.

Vietnamese dishes cooked with Polish ingredients are exactly the same as what Vietnamese people are cooking every day in Vietnam using local farm produce, Ziemann said.


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