TNA: The record date for the dividend payment

HOSE announces the record date for the dividend payment of Thien Nam Trading Import Export Corporation:

-   Stock symbol: TNA                               

-   Ex-right date: May 29, 2019      

-   Record date: May 30, 2019   

-   Purpose: to pay stock dividends.

-   Exercise ratio: 15%

The one who owns 100 shares at the record date will receive 15 new shares.

-   Estimated issue volume: 4,467,351 shares.

-    Plan to deal with fractional shares:

The distributed shares will be rounded down. The fractional shares will be canceled.

For example, if shareholder A owns 1,725 shares at the record date, he will receive: 1,725x15/100 = 258.75 shares. However, because of rounding down, he will receive only 258 new shares.


Place of payment:

-       Shareholders whose shares have been deposited: at the securities firms where the shares have been deposited.

-       Shareholders whose shares have not been deposited: shareholders will receive dividend at Thien Nam Trading Import Export Corporation.

Please submit ID card and Shareholder certificates or the legal authorized letters on receipt of dividend.






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