PTB: The record date for the 2018 dividend payment

HOSE announces the record date for the dividend payment of Phu Tai Joint Stock Company:

Ex-right date:                      April 25, 2019   

Record date:                        April 26, 2019

Purpose                               for the payment for the 2018 dividend in cash        

Dividend pay-out ratio:           32%/ par value (VND3,200/ share)

Payment date:                          May 28, 2019          

Place & procedure of payment:

-Shareholders whose shares have been deposited: at the securities firms where the shares have been deposited.

-Shareholders whose shares have not been deposited:  Phu Tai Joint Stock Company as from May 28, 2019.


Please submit ID card and Shareholder certificates or the legal authorized letters on receipt of dividend.


PTB 46,700 200 +0.43%

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