LDG: Stock issuance to pay dividend

On April 23, 2019, LDG Investment Joint Stock Company announces the stock issuance to pay dividend to existing shareholders as follows:

-          Stock name: LDG Investment Joint Stock Company

-          Stock code: LDG

-          Stock type: common share

-          Par value: 10,000 dongs

-          Number of shares issued: 190,614,454 shares

-          Number of outstanding shares: 190,551,914 shares

-          Number of treasury shares: 62,540 shares

-          Number of shares expected to be issued: 47,637,978 shares

-          Total value (based on par value): VND476,379,780,000

-          Issuing ratio: 4:1, equivalent to 25% (shareholder who owns 01 share will receive 01 right, and with every 04 rights will be entitled to purchase 01 new share.)

-          Record date: May 10, 2019

-          Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down, the fractional shares will be cancelled.

-          For example: At the record date, shareholder A owned 314 shares. With 1000:250 performing ratio, the shareholder A will receive: 314 *25/100 = 78.5 shares. According to rounding policy, the shareholder A receives 78 new shares. The fractional shares of 0.5 will be cancelled.


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