NRC: Notice of record date for General Meeting of Shareholders 2019

1. Issuer: NETLAND Real Estate Joint Stock Company
2. Stock code: NRC
3. Par value: VND10,000/share
4. Record date: 18/03/2019
5. Ex-date: 15/03/2019
6. Reason:
     * General Meeting of Shareholders 2019
          - Exercise rate: 01 share : 01 voting right
          - Place: Will be announced later
          - Agenda:
+ Report on business results in 2018 and plan for 2019;
+ Report on activities of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Boards;
+ Approving the plan of the Chairman of the BOD cum General Manager of the Company in 2019;
+ Select the auditing company for the fiscal year 2019;
+ Settlement of remuneration for the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board in 2018 and expected remuneration in 2019;
+ Profit distribution for 2018 and expected profit distribution plan for 2019;
+ Investment projects, loans, asset trading, capital contribution investment to establish companies in 2019;
+ Dividend payment plan;
+ Establishment of salary and bonus committee, personnel subcommittee in 2019;
+ Dismiss and elect the Head of Supervisory Board and Secretary;
+ Other contents under the authority of the General Meeting of Shareholders
        - Exercise date: Will be announced later




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