Consumer credit, solution to repel black credit

The seminar on consumer finance in the third year themed with the topic "Development of consumer credit – solutions to repel black credit" is taking place in the morning of March 15 at the headquarters of Vietnam Investment Review with the participation of many leading experts in economics, law, finance, banking, and consumer credit.

This is the third seminar about consumer credit organised by VIR.

"Black credit raises a great deal of concern due to its bad consequences. While illegal forms of consumer credit are not new, the explosion of these criminal activities and the violations of laws causing social instability poses the question: what should be done to repel black credit?" asked Le Trong Minh, editor-in-chief of Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) in his opening speech.

According to Minh, as consumer finance grows strongly in Vietnam’s 95 million market, there is no simple answer – but a way has to be found.

Many solutions have been proposed to promote legal consumer credit lines and increase opportunities and accessibility for people to drive the market onto a safer, more manageable pathway and ultimately repel black credit.

The topic will be deeply discussed by consultants, experts, and state managers at the conference.


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