Noni juice producer eyes expansion to amid growing export demand

Buyers from Korea are interested in importing noni juice from Laos but a key producer is as yet unable to supply demand as its current production capacity remains small.

To supply the products in Korean market, more funds are needed to expand the business and of noni orchards, Lao producer Mr Oulayvone Thongsangoun told Lao media at the South and Southeast Asia Community Expo and Investment Fair (SSACEIF) in Kunming, Yunnan province of China last week.
The juice also requires processing before package for sale and export, he said.
“At the present, we have a Lao noni dealer in Kunming, China after we found the the Chinese market demand was getting higher.
Market expansion into Kunming has seen Lao noni products getting getter known at the regional level and helping the products attract higher sales, Mr Oulayvone said.
Despite being a family business it is fast becoming a famous product of Laos and increasingly well known at international level.
Noni juice is made from the tropically-grown noni fruit, which is also known by its scientific name morindacitrifolia.
It has a strong smell and a bitter taste and significant nutritional value.
It is understood to provide many health benefits, though not all of these have yet been subject of scientific study.
The fruit naturally contains vitamin C, calcium, protein, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene and all of the B vitamins.
Among the ailments some claim the juice can help with are headaches, migraines, menstrual pain and arthritis, cancer symptoms and high blood pressure.
It is also said to enhance the body’s immune system, thus warding off diseases, colds and flu.
The unusual-looking fruit that resembles a hand grenade with its lumpy texture can be grown in tropical locations on an evergreen shrub that bears the fruit year-round.
Noni juice is a product that many people are only just starting to hear about.
Some fresh noni juice is processed and repackaged in China.
He said buyers liked the products because they are still fresh and have a natural flavour and smell.
Foreign professionals have certified the quality of the company’s products.
Noni juice is One District One Product (ODOP) certified and made in Vientiane according to the Department of Trade Promotion.
The department helps local producers with marketing and takes them to participate in exhibitions overseas.

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