Compensation flowing as Nam Lik 1 hydro project progresses

About 112 affected families from three villages in Hinheup district, Vientiane province have received the first batch of compensation payments associated with construction of the Nam Lik 1 Hydropower Project.

A compensation handover ceremony took place yesterday in Hinheup district and was attended by Permanent Provincial Committee of Vientiane province MsChanphengViphavanh, district Governor MrOudongVongsavath, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nam Lik 1 Power Company Limited (NL1PC) MrPeerapongAchariyacheevin, representatives from Department of Energy Business and Department of Energy Management of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and shareholders of the company.
Some 90km north of Vientiane, the Nam Likriver runs through Hinheup district before joining up Nam Ngum river at the Nam Ngum reservoir.
Since 2013 attempts have been made to tame this watercourse in order to harness its clean and efficient energy.
Led by NL1PC, progress has been made in the construction of this 64.7 MW run-of-river hydropower plant.
The commercial operation date is expected to be at the beginning of 2019, if not earlier.
With such progress comes great responsibility as once the project is completed, water in the dam’s reservoir area will rise.
Some 489 households will be affected.
The date of June 13, 2017 marks a significant milestone which sees the first group of affected families relocating to new homes.
More than 4.6 billion kip was transferred to the representatives of the 112 families in this first batch of compensation.
MsChanphengViphavanh said that Nam Lik 1 Hydropower Project is an integral part of the National Energy Development Plan and hopes that the project will advance the social and living conditions of people in Vientiane province.
In the ceremony, MrPeerapongAchariyacheevin thanked the Lao government and the relevant agencies for their good cooperation and permitting foreign investment such as this project.
He also thanked all affected families for their understanding and sacrifice and ensured that all compensation will be done in a timely manner as well as committing to enhance the quality of life of those relocating.
On behalf of the people of the affected villages and its occupants, Hinheup district Governor MrOudongVongsavath thanked the investors for their extension of care and concern for the people and wished the project success.
He said the day marked a small step for the Nam Lik 1 Hydropower Project and we can expect more to come in the near future.

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