KP Company celebrates two decades of bringing Bridgestone to Laos

The sole distributor for Bridgestone tyres in Laos since 1996, KP Company recently celebrated the 20th anniversary with customers, distributors and staff at the launch of the new Bridgestone ECOPIA300 tyre range.

An event was held on June 9,2017 at Crowne Plaza hotel which also said a thank you to their customers while outlining the KP Company’s future strategies.

The event was attended by Mr Kelvin Lee, Manager-Distributor Sales Department of Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd along with Mr Somporn Markawat, Executive Vice President of Nessei Trading Thailand Co., Ltd, and other business partners.
The event heard an opening speech by Mr Pasatxay Philaphandeth, the Executive Vice President of KP Company.
Those gathered also heard “the company’s guiding principles and the current tyre market situation in Laos” as explained by Senior Vice President of Sales Mr Vilaysack Philaphandeth.
The event aimed to develop, support and recognise skills development of the company’s sales, marketing and service policies as well as introduce the new Bridgestone ECOPIA300 tyre range to its representatives nationwide.
The company also received comments and feedback from customers and Bridgestone representatives.
The feedback is considered invaluable information for the company to improve its products and service and in order to best welcome the AEC and One Belt-One Road initiatives.
The event highlighted the company’s development plan to match the nation’s economic growth which it foresees proceeding well in the years ahead.
Moreover, the event also tightened the bonds in the team relationship and supported the company’s policy where “the customer is our family member, a family member whom we have to take exceptional care of”.
KP Company looks forward to remaining the sole Bridgestone tyre distributor in Laos for many years to come.

vientiane times

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