Reforestation efforts boost economic growth, environmental protection in Borikhamxay

Eisei Corporation, a Japanese Company investing in tree plantations and white charcoal processing factory in Laos has teamed up with authorities in Borikhamxay province to organise tree planting activities in bid to boost sustainable sources of wood, support reforestation and promote environmental preservation.

A total area of 90.05 hectares in Thaphabath district is being utilised by the company under a concession deal inked by Borikhamxay White Charcoals Factory Limited and the Lao National Veterans Federation in April this year.
A total of 6,900 saplings of the species mai dou laiy, mai taekha, and mai khayoung are being grown with the contribution of saplings by the Plantation & Charcoals Processing Company Limited and Eisei Corporation in collaboration with Borikhamxay White Charcoals Factory Limited.
In addition, a total of 250,000 saplings of mai tiew (cratexylon prunifolium) trees will be grown in the same area.
In his remarks at the planting event, director of Plantation & Charcoal Processing Company Limited and Eisei Corporation Mr Yasushi Seura said the initiative aimed to raise awareness for the members of the public to work with the company to take good care of forestry resources, nature and local environment along with strengthening the relationship between Laos and Japan.
“We are now trying to regrow the forest to replace the trees that have been recently cut and this plantation will be the source to supply the white charcoal processing factory in line with sustainable measures to avoid any harm for natural trees,” he said.
“We would also like to make a Lao-Japanese friendship plantation park to enhance the relationship between the two countries,” Mr Seura added.
Meanwhile, the Governor of Thaphabath district Mr Bounsong Phetchaleun also said the tree-planting activity was a crucial and positive contribution of the company and other parties involved, especially regarding mai tiew (cratexylon prunifolium) trees.
“The plantation of mai tiew (cratexylon prunifolium) trees will promote a long-term policy because the raw materials will be used in white charcoal processing and export to the foreign markets,” he said, saying that this will not harm to the preexisting naturally sown and grown trees at all.
He added that it will promote the growth of the Lao economy as well as providing employment for local villagers to improve better livelihoods of those remote residents respectively.
Governor of Borikhamxay province Mr Kongkeo Xaysongkham, President of the Lao National Veterans Federation, Brigadier General Somphone Keomixay and delegation members from Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea and Vietnam, and school pupils from seven schools within the district participated in the planting activities.

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