Lao fresh milk increases growth chances

Lao Dairy Farm (LDF) is seeking to carve out a share of the fresh milk market in the country, with the selling point that its quality is equal to that of international imported milk brands.

Farm manager, MsSengmaniYathortu explained on Tuesday that the farm is equipped with modern technology that ensures all the milk is hygienically produced.

The farm is looking forward to promote its brand �Crysta� among Lao people to become more widely recognised, and be able to compete with milk brands imported from overseas.

LDF is now distributing �Crysta� milk product at minimarts in the capital, and has so far expanded its distribution from four to eight minimarts.

MsSengmani said that her products are made from milk on the farm including fresh milk and yogurt.

�Our products can be freshly distributed, which will be a strong point when competing with imported international brands,� she stressed.

MsSengmani added recently her fresh milk product is now receiving positive feedback among foreign customers who are living in Vientiane. and orders have continued to increase to around 450 litres per day.

LDF expects that orders of fresh milk from its farm will increase to around 700 litres daily over the next three months.

MsSengmani plans to continue expanding her milk market in the provinces of LuangPrabang, XiengKhuang and Attapeu, and is currently examining the costs of transport.

Lao Dairy Farm will soon open its cafe on the first floor of Lao ITECC, as part of its market expansion plans.

The opening of the cafe is part of the company's strategic plan to attract Lao people to consume its locally made products, while trading on a reputation of high quality.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported recently that the export value of Laos' soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and yogurt saw a slight decrease of 3.7 percent in 2016, from US$ 169 million to US$163 million.

This year, it estimates the export value of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and yogurt will increase to more than US$191million.

Meanwhile imports of other general products including milk are expected to increase by 5.8 percent from US$1.21 billion in 2016 to US$ 1.27 billion this year.

vientiane times

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